Why Book a Boudoir Shoot?

Umm.. WHY NOT? Back in the day, Boudoir Shoots were always marketed to clients who wanted to give their significant other something special and spicy. Still an awesome idea, however, you don't need a significant other to do a Boudoir Shoot. Boudoir Shoots are a fun and creative way to fall in love with yourself and practice some of that "self love" everyone keeps talking about. It's a great way to get out of your comfort zone, have a day to yourself and really get in touch with your body. I love making my clients feel comfortable, sexy and powerful. When you leave you will understand why these shoots are all the rage.

I booked my first ever boudoir shoot with Krista. I was extremely nervous beforehand and I was quickly put to ease once I got to know Krista better and started chatting with her. It soon felt as if I was talking with a friend, rather than a stranger I had just met. During the shoot, Krista made me feel comfortable the entire time and continued to ask me throughout the shoot how I was feeling. Being a sexual assault survivor myself, a boudoir shoot was a very big step for me. Krista made me feel empowered, sexy and beautiful. Not to mention, I couldn't believe my eyes when I received the stunning photos she captured. She has a great artistic eye that not all photographers have! I can't recommend Krista enough. You will not regret booking with her!

-Rachel B

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